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Policy: Fees and Charges

Commencement of Care

Fee & Assistance Information

Maximum fees are payable by those families who do not register with Centrelink.

Families who do register with Centrelink can apply for a quarterly rebate if they have completed their annual taxation claim.

The level of Childcare Benefit received is dependant upon the actual fee payable by any family. Current fees are available from the Director.

Childcare Benefit

Childcare Benefit is paid directly to the Centre by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Family Services to offset the costs of childcare to families. Parents are required to register with Centrelink. Parents and the Centre are notified of the percentage of Childcare Benefit allowable to the family via an Income Assessment Notice. This is a tiered system of relief based on the family income. Parents need to apply at the beginning of each year. Full fees are payable until this notification has been received by the Centre.

Child Care Benefit payments will be credited against the account once advice of approval has been received from Family Assistance Office.

Continuing Care

Payment Of Fees

This is a community based, non-profit Centre. We operate a careful, closely monitored budget which allows for quality care and education as well as an affordable fee structure. Fees are set annually by the parent Committee of Management.  See the fees sheet for the current schedule. We have no capacity to carry debts as there is no profit margin.

Fees need to be paid in advance:

Fees are required to be paid a minimum of two weeks in advance at all times. On enrolment, the family must pay a minimum three week’s fees and then must pay as a minimum one week’s fees by 10.00am every Friday. The two weeks in advance must remain intact ie it is not used up and then paid again.  Families may choose to pay more than the minimums ie a family may pay an initial six weeks and then pay monthly or a family using a short session kindergarten place may multiply the weekly fee by the ten weeks of the term and pay the whole term.

Minimum notice period/fees to apply:

Families wishing to withdraw their child’s position from the Centre need to provide the Director with 4 weeks’ notice, in writing.  Failure to provide the requisite amount of notice will result in fees being charged for the full four week period.

Where a family withdraws their child’s position from the Centre after 7th October each year, the payment of full fees will be required for the remainder of the year.  This applies to all children across all rooms, irrespective of whether a vacating position is filled by another child.  This is to ensure that WECC will consistently run at capacity, as positions are often difficult to fill so late in the year.

Where a family accepts allocated days for the following year, they will be invoiced for a minimum of 4 weeks into the next calendar year, even if they elect not to take up their place(s) at a later date.


Computer generated invoices, (which we call accounts and which act also as a receipt for the previous week), are issued fortnightly - at the beginning of each year these are issued to all families. The accounts are emailed directly to the nominated parent for payment, or alternatively placed in the wall pockets at the beginning of the week - usually by Tuesday afternoon.

Payment by Internet is preferred. The Centre’s account is: -

Banking Institution: Victoria Teachers Credit Union
Account Name: Wattletree Early Child Care Centre
BSB: 704 191
Account Number: 049 124

To pay fees by cheque, write the child’s name on the back of the cheque; no envelope is necessary.

To pay by cash(only if you must), place the cash in a well sealed envelope and write the child’s name and the amount on the envelope.

Fees can be paid weekly or fortnightly and are to be paid two (2) weeks in advance.

Fees are charged on the hours booked for your child at the centre even though your child may be absent during this time due to illness or holidays.

This ensures your child’s place is held. Public holidays will be charged for, however fees are not charged when the Centre is closed over the Christmas period.

Cash will not be accepted after 5pm for security reasons. Unfortunately change is unable to be given.

Outstanding Fees

Fee payments must remain up to date at all times. If, for any reason, you experience difficulties that cause disruption to your fee payments, please speak to the Centre Director to arrange a payment plan.

A fee reminder notice requesting payment will be sent out if fees fall more than two weeks in arrears.

Fees outstanding for more than two weeks will put your child’s place at the centre in jeopardy, unless prior arrangements have been made with the Director. An accounting fee of $10.00 will be charged for all outstanding fees. This will be added fortnightly when accounts are processed while fees are outstanding.

In order to have your initial family bond payment reimbursed, you must ensure that your account will be at zero when you complete your final day of care with us.


The Centre is closed on all Public Holidays. Normal fees are payable for these days.

The Centre is closed for two to four weeks over the Christmas period to allow staff to take their Recreation Leave. The length of time the centre will be closed will be determined by the needs of the families using the centre.  Notification of the closing dates will be announced toward the end of each year.

No fees are charged for this end of year break, however a holding fee is required and must be paid prior to the holiday break.


Normal fees apply for days that your child does not attend the centre through illness holidays or occasional absences. As a requirement of the Commonwealth Department of Health and Family Services each child has 42 absence days a year (July -June) where childcare benefit is paid.

All absences beyond the 42 days will only be paid for ‘additional absences’; parents must provide a medical certificate for these days.

If your child is going to be absent from the centre, please notify us as early as possible.

Bond Payments

Upon starting at WECC, families must pay $350 towards their bond account.  This amount is held until you finish your time at the centre.  The $350 is refunded to you on the conditions that all accounts are paid and up to date, you have provided WECC in writing four weeks’ notice of your intention to leave and your family has completed one working bee for the year.

We also take a non refundable $300 Kindergarten Bond for our Room 5, 4 year old kindergarten.  This money is credited to your fees once your child commences the kindergarten program.

Last review date:

February 2011

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