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21st August 2015
We are seeking casual employees who are Qualified Childcare Assistants to join our casual team...
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Room Two: Grasshoppers Room

In the Grasshoppers room our aim is to help the children learn life skills by becoming aware of themselves and of others. Our program is based on the fundamental principles of belonging , being and becoming.

Each day the room can cater for up to 11 Children with three educators, at least one of which holds a Diploma in Children’s services, allowing us to meet the children’s individual needs and routines.

We aim to help the children take a step towards independence in the areas of language, verbally expressing their needs and wants, social interaction, and self-help skills, dressing themselves and packing away activities.

Through participation and interaction in a play based program children will be given opportunities to develop the skills necessary to grow and progress in all areas of their development.

Our program is based both indoors and outdoors. We are very privileged to have our own garden and play area exclusively for the Grasshoppers and Ladybirds rooms.  Our outdoor program meets the children’s needs for various sensory and tactile experiences in a natural environment as well as opportunities to develop gross and fine motor skills, to play and have fun!

Room Two: Grasshoppers Room
Room Two: Grasshoppers Room
Room Two: Grasshoppers Room