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21st August 2015
We are seeking casual employees who are Qualified Childcare Assistants to join our casual team...
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Room One: Honeybees Room

In the Honeybees room we provide an environment that is stimulating, safe, challenging and unique to the children’s development in the very early years. We believe that all children are unique individuals and our daily routine is focused around each child’s home routine. We strive to mirror what you do at home to ensure a smooth transition for your child from home to Wattletree.

Our orientation process usually is conducted over 2 - 3 weeks where parents, children and carers can get to know each other. These sessions allow everyone plenty of time to develop and early relationship with each other before care officially starts.

Each day, the room can cater for up to 10 children with three educators, at least two of which hold a Diploma in Children’s Services, allowing us to meet the children’s individual needs and routines.

During their time in the Honeybee’s room many of our children reach significant developmental milestones.  We realise how exciting and important these times are and feel privileged to share and record these with you.

We run a flexible play based curriculum and believe this is the most effective way for children to learn and make sense of their world. This means that you will see a variety of experiences that facilitate learning in emotional, social, gross motor, fine motor, arts and crafts, dramatic play and music and movement. We love planning different experiences and value highly parental involvement.

Our program is based both indoors and outdoors. We are very privileged to have our own garden and play area exclusively for the Honeybees. Our outdoor program meets the children’s needs for various sensory and tactile experiences in a natural environment.

Room One: Honeybees Room
Room One: Honeybees Room
Room One: Honeybees Room