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21st August 2015
We are seeking casual employees who are Qualified Childcare Assistants to join our casual team...
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Room Five: Rainbow Room

4 year old Kindergarten

In the rainbow room, we provide a range of learning opportunities that encourages children to think critically, develop their understanding of the wider world in which we live, and engage in an emergent, developmentally appropriate program.

In our room we cater for up to 21 Children with 3 educators, at least one of which is a qualified Kindergarten teacher.  The program operates from 8am to 1pm daily during school terms. Outside of these hours long day care is offered with a more relaxed program that complements the kindergarten program.

We believe that for children to engage actively in their environment and therefore in their learning they need to feel safe, respected and valued; the need to feel they belong. Through providing a play based curriculum your children will be given the opportunities to develop the skills necessary to foster development in all areas.

The Rainbow room learning environment provides children the chance to engage in small and large group learning, and share thoughts, feelings and ideas with their peers. In conjunction with working in the social realm we recognise that each child is different and brings their own interests, knowledge and skills, and that the environment and experiences should engage the senses, stimulate curiosity, and encourage active exploration.  Our program operates using fortnightly units of enquiry. We follow the childrens interests in each topic and allow them to guide the process of learning.

The transition from kindergarten to school can be quite overwhelming for children and families. Throughout the year we aim to prepare children to make a positive, smooth transition to school.

Room Five: Rainbow Room
Room Five: Rainbow Room
Room Five: Rainbow Room